The birth anniversary of Shri T. S. Narayanaswami instils feelings of compassion and patriotism; team pledges to follow the footsteps of our late Founder, Pioneer & Patriot.
11 Nov 19

Our Founder, Shri T. S. Narayanaswami, was a pioneer, visionary industrialist, patriot, philanthropist and humanist. His vision to create a stronger India was realized in the Birth of India Cements on February 21, 1946. He played a dynamic role in the resurgence of industrialization in Free India. His pioneering efforts, in fostering industry among his peers, his philanthropy, his patriotism and his compassion for his fellowmen are what continue to inspire us. As we celebrate his Birth Anniversary, we renew our pledge to follow in his footsteps and tirelessly work to build a stronger nation.

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