Coromandel Cares

“Keeping in line with our work over the years of building a better tomorrow, we have embarked on a new journey with Coromandel Cares, with a vision of building cityscapes responsibly”.

Coromandel Cares is an initiative of Coromandel King that aims to bring the issues related to the rapid depletion of water resources and urban green cover into public focus. Launched as a green community initiative, Coromandel Cares focuses on building cityscapes responsibly. Coromandel Cares aims to achieve this by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their homes to achieve a greener and more ecologically sustainable community, one city at a time.

Rainwater Harvesting is a necessity that is the need of the hour for homes, offices, schools, and factories. From rooftop rainwater harvesting to recharging groundwater, we partner with experts to assist cities in creating sustainable homes, offices, schools, and factories.

Urban landscapes are losing their green cover at an alarming rate. Re-greening our communities is the need of today and Coromandel Cares aims to motivate more people to take one small step individually such that our collective positive actions will explode to create a greener earth. The #PlantABomb initiative endeavours to create a green impact by distributing seed bombs across our wide and growing network of dealers, customers and well-wishers.

Coromandel Cares comes to life aptly in India’s garden city of Bengaluru and Mysore and will soon be rolled out to other key centres of urban development. To know more about how Coromandel Cares is making a difference to build a happier, greener and safer environment for all, visit the website.

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