ENLIVE- Skills development programme

The skills development programme of ENLIVE is targeted at skilling people to increase their employability. Over a period of 4 years, Taraa Gurunath, under the guidance of Mr.G.Ramesh - Vice President (Personnel & CSR) of the company introduced a concept of creating sustainable employment in the lowest section of villages that would have a ripple effect in society where multiple micro-entrepreneurs would be created.

The broad contours of the project first included the selection of skills with maximum impact on society keeping in mind, economic parity. These skills included driving, tailoring, repair of cell phones and computer classes. The main aim was to provide vocational, job-specific training that would guide the person on his or her path to becoming a micro- entrepreneur. In the manufacturing sector, the blue-collared workforce is plunged in a cyclical process whereby, due to lack of opportunities, the posterity continues to engage in blue-collared work. However, this occupational training gives them an opportunity to break away from this cycle due to the increased income that it generates. The blue-collared workforce also predominantly consists of men. The skills development programme hence aims at economic empowerment of women by providing an opportunity for them to explore financial independence.

The structure of the new programme included the following:

Modules Duration Medium

Skills training :

1. Tailoring and embroidery

2. Computer classes

3. Driving

4. Cell phone repairing

30-45 days per batch

3 months per batch

2 months per batch

25-30 days per batch

Workshop and classroom
Managing finance 1 week classroom
How to start a business/ basics of micro-finance 2 weeks classroom
Refresher course for constant updating and upgrading of skills 3-8 weeks depending on the course Workshop and classroom
Train the trainer programme (TTT) 2-5 weeks depending on the course Workshop and classroom


As of 31st March 2020, the India Cements ENLIVE- skills development programme has reached huge milestones.
  • Number of people trained under the new programme: 4000+
  • Number of people who turned into entrepreneurs: 600+
  • Number of secondary jobs created: 680+
  • Number of people who benefitted from the TTT programme: 400+
  • Number of women who benefitted from the programme: 700+

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