Coromandel Sleeper Cement

Coromandel Sleeper Cement

Concrete Sleepers manufactured using Coromandel Sleeper Cement is popularly used in high speed trains as a replacement for the wooden railway sleepers. These Concrete Sleepers are now replacing the other types of sleepers except in some special circumstances like bridges, etc., where wooden sleepers are used. Mono Block Concrete Sleepers and Twin Block Concrete sleepers are the predominant products of Coromandel Sleeper Cement.

Advantages of Coromandel Sleeper Cement


Every sleeper manufactured with Coromandel Sleeper Cement has an estimated track life of 50 years. They can withstand the unfavorable climatic conditions, temperature, humidity, fungus or insect attack.

Economical & Low Maintenance

Coromandel Sleeper Cement Concrete Sleepers are economical as there is an increase in the production requirements of timber sleepers. Since concrete sleepers can fasten themselves, frequent attention for maintenance may not be required.


Coromandel Sleeper Cement Sleepers produce high resistance to lateral movement and are less prone to vertical and horizontal distortion.


These sleepers are a lot heavier and have a corrugated bottom so they resist moving better, especially in curves. Offers strength to track and makes it suitable for holding shape at high speed. Comparatively, it also has less down time for renewals.

No Rotting

This makes the Coromandel Sleeper Cement Concrete sleepers extremely useful in platforms and tunnels, where all the sleepers are hard to replace.

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